August 27, 2020

Micro Weddings: Our Brides True Experiences

So things are forever changing with the rules over weddings at the moment. It is stressful for couples as well as suppliers. Brides and Grooms don’t know whether their wedding will be able to go ahead and how many people will be allowed. But amongst all the stress and worry there have been some true positives come out of Covid-19 and that is the rise in ‘Micro’ weddings.

More couples have opted for these tiny weddings, with just their closest family and friends around them. Are they worth it or is it best to just postpone your whole wedding until a later date? In all honesty we have LOVED them. We weren’t sure what to expect with such tiny guests lists and restrictions, but they truly brought back the meaning of marriage. They feel extra special and intimate. It’s also lovely to see couples spending so much quality time with their most important guests throughout the day.

Thank you both so much! You were both so amazing to have around on the day and from what we have seen from the photos so far managed to make us both look great and perfectly capture the fun of the day!