[coffee addict]


[Bake-Off Wannabe]


Hey! We’re Stephanie & Nicole.

Stephanie & Nicole, Nicole & Stephanie. Always the two of us. Two professional full-time photographers capturing your day. We are the creative duo that has double the amount of knowledge, double the amount of fun & most importantly consume double the amount of wedding cake!

When we’re not shooting weddings Stephanie can be found shooting for Goodwood, Moet, and Ralph Lauren. Nicole, alongside shooting, can also be found creative directing and producing all the shoots for Liberty London.

It all started after graduating with our photography degrees, when we wanted to capture more but we couldn’t be everywhere all at the same time. Realising how our approach to photographing weddings was similar we started Stephanie & Nicole.

10 years later, we know what each other is about to capture without communicating out loud. Nicole is capturing Mum crying at the speeches whilst Stephanie has the bride covered.

Basically, the crux of what we are saying is, we are not solo photographers with an assistant, you know that no matter what you have two bloody superstars on your hands that can hold their own if they need to.

So what about us? We each reply to both names, so don’t worry if you confuse us on the day. But here is where we differ:

Nicole is happy to scale a wall, whereas Stephanie’s feet will be firmly on the ground. Stephanie’s tipple is an Old fashioned whereas Nicole’s an espresso Martini girl. Give either of us a glass of Nyetimber and we’ll also be happy. We are both partial to fancy shops but Nicole will be found in Aesop and Stephanie Farrow & Ball. Nicole will be found happily basking on the beach whereas Stephanie is usually under an umbrella in the shade.

Something we can definitely agree on though… Dogs at weddings are a great choice.

Thank you both so much! You were both so amazing to have around on the day and from what we have seen from the photos so far managed to make us both look great and perfectly capture the fun of the day!