March 5, 2021

Key On The Day Wedding Timings

A key question when you’re at the 6-month-to-go stage is what is happening when? It’s great to get these timings locked down and sent to your suppliers around the 6 month line so that they can flag up any issues with plenty of time to make changes. As photographers we are the one supplier that is usually with you all day so we understand the timings for the whole day very well.

Every wedding is different and your locations, amount of guests and schedule will depend on how your timings are decided. However this is our go-to, most popular plan. One which we know works well with minimal stress on the day.

We schedule around 2 hours for bridal prep

This gives us enough time to get all the lovely detail shots and you getting ready. We don’t need to be there when you’re just starting hair and make-up only when you’re finishing up. So if you have a lot of bridesmaids make sure you start super early. Count those two hours back from the time you plan to put your dress on. Remember putting a dress on does take time, and it’s not something we like to rush.

And/or 1 hour for groom prep

Whether the boys want groom prep is completely up to them, sometimes it’s a quick drink in the pub or just meeting them at the ceremony. However if they want photos they have to be at the agreed location at the agreed time. Usually an hour is plenty of time.

Groomsmen at the ceremony venue 45 mins before the start of the ceremony

This is a really good idea so that the groom has time to speak with the registrar and the groomsmen know what is going on. Often guests will start arriving 45 mins before the wedding so it’s best to have a member of the wedding party ready to greet them.

Bride to arrive 15 mins before ceremony start time

This is ideal as the nerves are starting to get a little more intense now and the last thing we want is for the bride to be rushing into the wedding stressed. Also it’s lovely for us to have the time to take photos of this moment. Just think about if you’re having one car do multiple stops. Please always add on at least 15 more mins than you expect because it always is slower than couples think.

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Leave 10 mins for confetti shots

As you come out of your ceremony everyone is congratulating you and the photos of this moment are some of our favourites. Give yourself time to enjoy this. Also lining everyone up for confetti can take a good 10 mins.

2 hours minimum for your drinks reception

And we say Minimum with a capital M! Let your guests relax. As long as they have food and drink they will be happy. This is also a very busy time for photographers as we need to capture the reception room set up empty, natural photos of guests, group photos and couples photos. You do not want to spend your whole drinks reception taking photos- there is champagne to be drunk!

30 mins for speeches

This really depends on how many speeches you’re having. If it’s the traditional 3 around 30 minutes will be enough. Also you can do speeches or food first it’s completely up to you.

1 & half  hours for food

Again this really depends on how many courses you’re having and what type of food. Just remember to think if you plan on having speeches first the kitchen will have to hold the food. Get an idea from your speech givers on how long they want to keep the caterers on time.

30 minute break

We do suggest a break after speeches/food before the first dance/cake cut. This is a great time for evening guests to arrive. This also gives a bit of time if your day is running behind slightly. Don’t make it too long though, everyone wants to hit the dancefloor.

Finish with cutting the cake and first dance

We suggest doing these straight after one another because gathering the whole wedding party at this time can be a little tricky, if we’ve got everyone’s attention for the cake cut it’s easy to go straight into the first dance.

And there you have it, the whole day scheduled out for you. Some of these timings may not be relevant for you, so use this schedule as a guide and adjust it as you see fit. But the most important things is to be organised, if you’re orgnaised you can enjoy your day without worrying. If you need more information on why we like 2 hours for our drinks reception head over to this blog to find out why.

Thank you both so much! You were both so amazing to have around on the day and from what we have seen from the photos so far managed to make us both look great and perfectly capture the fun of the day!